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Pro Tools now has M1 Mac support, and lets you create bigger projects than ever before

Avid has released Pro Tools 2021.6, a summer update for the DAW that brings the Hybrid Engine to HDX systems, adds support for M1 Macs and offers more I/O, tracks and voices.

The Hybrid Engine was launched alongside the Pro Tools | Carbon audio interface, and has now been brought to Pro Tools HDX systems. It’s designed to let you switch between native and DSP processing on a track-by-track basis, giving you a best-of-both worlds approach and the ability to run bigger sessions more smoothly.

In fact, Pro Tools | Ultimate now supports 2,048 voices and audio tracks at all sample rates, from 128 to 28kHz. That’s five times more than the previous version. What’s more, the maximum number of I/O channels has been doubled from 32 to 64.