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New Pro Tools Loyalty Rewards Announced - July 2021

Avid has announced more loyalty rewards for those users on annual rental subscription plans as part of the Avid Inner Circle loyalty program. Qualifying users can now get the Pro Sound Effects Producer Pack to go with the existing Foley Essentials bundle worth $98 and for a limited time, they can get also get UJAM’s Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE, worth $129 absolutely free.

Foley Essentials
Pro Sound Effects Producer’s Pack With Foley Essentials -Worth $98
Pro Sound Effects creates sound effects libraries and software developed with award-winning sound artists and world-class recordists.

For music producers: Find fresh ideas with Producer's Pack Vol. 1 - featuring rare samples selected from unique source recordings and edited into oneshots and loops.

For sound editors: Bring scenes to life with Foley Essentials - featuring lifelike recordings of everyday actions and props curated from Academy Award®-winners Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson.

UJAM Sparkle
UJAM Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE Worth $129 - FREE For A Limited Period until August 8th 2021
Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE is your specialist for chords, octaves and single-note riffs. From clean to crunchy, twangy to fat: 60s grit, 70s disco, 80s glam, 90s brit-pop, 00s indie and contemporary electronic pop – SPARKLE has got you covered.

• Clean to crunchy pop guitar
• Single-note, octave and chord riffs
• More than 90 Styles and 1000 Phrases • From funky clean to indie rock

Other Loyalty Rewards Available
Inner Circel Rewards
As well as Virtual Guitarist SPARKLE from UJAM and the Producer’s Pack Vol. 1 & Foley Essentials from Pro Sound Effects, the Inner Circle rewards for Pro Tools annual subscribers also include…

$49 USD value: Baby Audio - Comeback Kid

$298 USD value: IK Multimedia - Amplitube 5 SE & T-RackS 5 SE

$59 USD value: Accusonus - ERA voice leveler

$159 USD value: Tracktion - BioTek organic synthesizer

Sounds & Content
$495 USD value: Sound Ideas - 50 royalty-free music tracks

$99 USD value: Impulse Record - Convology XT and 17 physical plates

$120 USD value: Groove3 - Pick your own videos & books

$99 USD value: pureMix - Five tutorials

Music Distribution
$99 USD value: Sound Credit - publisher app

Exclusive Discounts
20% savings: Unlimited stereo music distribution with AvidPlay

Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle deal

$50 USD off a one-year subscription to the MEGA Bundle (regularly $249.99)

MEGA Bundle purchases include an additional $249.99 USD credit to purchase any plugins on the Plugin Alliance website

How To Claim Your Inner Circle Loyalty Rewards
If you are a Pro Tools annual rental subscriber for Pro Tools, Pro Tools | Ultimate, Pro Tools for Education, and Pro Tools | Ultimate for Education (“paid monthly” and “paid upfront”), you can now claim more than $1,600 in rewards today to immediately boost their creativity.

Annual subscribers can access these rewards via your MyAvid account or via Avid Link app.

Q: Does the Pro Tools Inner Circle replace Loyalty Rewards?

A: Yes. All gifts that are currently part of the Loyalty Rewards program will migrate over to the Inner Circle. As a result, the Inner Circle will deliver over $1500 in free rewards to annual subscribers out of the gate.

Q: Who is eligible for the Pro Tools Inner Circle?

A: The Inner Circle delivers free rewards and special offers to annual subscribers only. This includes both Annual-Paid-Upfront and Annual-Paid-Monthly subscribers. It does not include Perpetual customers or Monthly-to-Month subscribers.

Q: Will existing customers on active plans continue to have access to the existing Loyalty Rewards?

A: Yes. All customers, including Perpetual customers and Month-to-Month subscribers that are currently on an active plan, will continue to have access to the existing Loyalty Rewards.

Q: Will existing customers on active plans (Perpetual and Month-to-Month subscribers) be grandfathered into the Pro Tools Inner Circle program, allowing them to have access to the new rewards?

A: No. Perpetual customers and Month-to-Month subscribers will not receive any new rewards under the new Pro Tools Inner Circle Program unless they switch to an annual subscription.

Q: Will new customers that purchase a perpetual license or Month-to-Month subscription get any Loyalty Rewards or Inner Circle rewards?

A: No, new Perpetual customers and Month-to-Month subscribers will not be eligible for any partner products unless they convert their license to an annual subscription.