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AvidPlay Now Enables Distributing Tracks Mixed In Dolby Atmos For Apple Music’s Spatial Audio

Avid announced that its AvidPlay subscription-based music distribution service now enables music artists, producers and record labels by to distribute tracks mixed in Dolby Atmos for Apple Music’s Spatial Audio.

Subscribing artists and labels select their singles or albums they’d like to release and then AvidPlay distributes their tracks in Dolby Atmos to Amazon Music, TIDAL and now Apple Music, generating pre-save and smart links for marketin to tracking song performance and payments.

Avid’s Rob D’Amico, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Audio Solutions, states, “We developed AvidPlay to make it extremely easy for independent artists and labels to distribute and monetize the music they’re creating with Pro Tools. It’s an exciting time for our customers to distribute tracks in Dolby Atmos to Apple Music from AvidPlay as they will be able to reach more listeners and grow their fanbase by sharing with them new ways of experiencing their music.”

Artists and labels can subscribe to one of the six AvidPlay distribution plans to match their needs through the free Avid Link app for mobile or desktop, and then upload their Dolby Atmos music and stereo tracks along with artwork. The AvidPlay dashboard lets users manage their tracks and albums and see how much money they’re earning from each song. To date, songs distributed by artists through AvidPlay have been played by consumers more than one billion times.

In addition, Avid and Dolby launched a Dolby Atmos production training and certification course for mix engineers, audio studio technicians and audio professionals. The online Pro Tools Dolby Atmos Production course covers how to use the Dolby Atmos tools within Pro Tools through 40 hours of self-learning and 18 hours of instructor-led training. The program concludes with a professional certification exam to earn the Avid Certified Professional: Pro Tools | Dolby Atmos credential.

Find out more about AvidPlay here.