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Dorico and Sibelius for Mobile: Steinberg and Avid go head to head on iPad

Two mean scoring programs released for iPad on the same day

Something unusual happened yesterday. First, Steinberg released Dorico for the iPad and, later that same day, AVID dropped Sibelius for Mobile. Both are free of charge and offer subscription options for additional features. I wonder if Steinberg and Avid coordinated their moves at a fancy dinner like in the mafioso movies. Or maybe it was more of a nosy-neighbours-spying-on-each-other-type situation. Regardless, the iPad has suddenly become a mean scoring tool, with both apps exploiting the iPad platform while staying cross-compatible with Windows and Mac.

Dorico and Sibelius for Mobile
While both apps look like what you’d expect from using them on desktop machines, each offers something unique to the iPad. For example, Dorico can play scores using AUv3 plug-ins and Sibelius for Mobile supports note input with the Apple Pencil. Both apps are optimized for multi-touch interfaces, cloud sharing of scores in various formats (MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, etc.), and support up to four parts in their free versions. They need an iPad running at least iPadOS 13.0 (Dorico) or 13.4 (Sibelius for Mobile), which is any iPad using the Apple A8 chip or later.

Dorico and Sibelius for Mobile – Price and availability
Steinberg Dorico for iPadOS is available for free in the Apple App Store. After purchasing a subscription, you can activate additional features – such as 12 parts and extended notation – for EUR 3.99 per month or EUR 39 per year. The app takes 823 MB on your iPad.

Sibelius for Mobile has different pricing models offering varying levels of functionality. All of them include both desktop and mobile versions. The free basic version (Sibelius | First) supports four parts. Sibelius supports up to 16 voices and costs EUR 105.91 per year or EUR 10.71 per month. Sibelius | Ultimate supports any number of parts and costs EUR 224.91 per year or EUR 22.61 per month. There are also permanent licenses which start at EUR 105.91. The app takes around 1.2GB on your iPad.

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