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Avid EUCON 2021.6 Update Released

2021) – Avid has released EUCON 2021.6, an update for its Avid EUCON ethernet protocol that provides increased customization and visual feedback on control surfaces that use the protocol. With the new release, all Avid control surfaces, from the free Avid Control app to the flagship S6, are equipped with custom plug-in mapping and meter creation.

EUCON is Avid’s Ethernet control protocol that allows its control surfaces to connect to a variety of Avid and third-party creative audio and video software solutions. The protocol delivers integrated control over multiple applications and workstations, and is currently supported by Pro Tools, Media Composer, Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition and more.

Under the new update, users of any EUCON-enabled DAW can customize how they interact with all plug-ins from the control surface to suit their specific workflows and projects. Users can set up custom knob layouts for preferred plug-ins to ensure that the most-used plug-in parameters are always right where they want them located, significantly speeding up mixing workflows. Separate custom layouts can be optimized for various control surface knob configurations; for example, 1×8 for Avid S1, 2×4 for the Avid Dock, as well as 1×8, 2×4, and 4×8 for Avid S4 and S6.

Avid S1, Avid S3, and Dock control surfaces integrate with the free Avid Control app, which brings S6-style metering from mono to surround formats. With EUCON 2021.6, users can create their own meter strip layouts to optimize the visual information presented while mixing to include exactly the parameters that they want without cluttering up the mixer view with unneeded elements.

EUCON 2021.6 delivers several other capabilities, including Pro Tools Auto Match Indicators in Avid Control to aid in smoother automation writing (previously only offered in Avid S4 and S6), Solo/Mute clear buttons, GPO Fader Start for Avid S4 and S6, and more.