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AvidPlay and the Tech Making Music Distribution Seamless

Avid empowers media creators with innovative technology and collaborative tools to entertain, inform, educate and enlighten the world. For example, AvidPlay, Avid’s subscription-based, independent music distribution service, now allows independent artists and labels to distribute their Dolby Atmos tracks directly to Apple Music’s Spatial Audio.

With AvidPlay artists can release their music on 150+ major streaming outlets around the world like Apple Music, Spotify, TikTok, TIDAL, and Amazon Music. AvidPlay makes music distribution easy, enabling you to release your music in the highest quality and in Dolby Atmos®, get discovered, grow their fanbase, and keep 100% of their rights and earnings.

Apple Music is the latest streaming service with the largest user base to receive Atmos tracks directly from AvidPlay. In addition, the distribution service has delivered immersive audio to Amazon Music and TIDAL since 2020.

Avid is the only provider of both music production tools and an independent distribution service where Dolby Atmos tracks can be made and delivered from the same setup. AvidPlay makes it extremely easy for artists and labels to distribute and monetize the music they’re creating with Pro Tools.

Rob D’Amico joins me on Tech Talks Daily to share his lifelong passion for audio and production informed his position and goals at Avid. I learn more about AvidPlay: what it is, who uses it, and details about the audio formats and quality it enables artists and producers to work with, as well as details about how compensation, splits, and fees work with other independent distribution services in the market.

Rob shares a few use cases to illustrate how AvidPlay works and a detailed description of the process from production suite to streaming services. We discuss why today’s creators need AvidPlay; the opportunities it provides artists, labels, audio engineers, and how AvidLink fosters community amongst users by enabling feedback and questions.

We talk about how an artist can start using AvidPlay and make the most out of the service, along with how customer demands and feedback are informing future offerings.

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